Green Street Trust, Inc (“Green Street”) maintains a website at (the “Site”). The content on the Site neither serves as an offer nor an invitation to express interest in any securities; however, any expressed interest can be withdrawn or revoked without any obligation or commitment until it is accepted following the validation of the relevant offering document. All offers, solicitations, or sales of securities will be conducted solely through official offering documents. No financial commitments will be accepted unless the potential investor has received the relevant offering document, which must be qualified with the SEC and permitted by state law. Membership on the Site neither implies interest in any offering nor entails any obligation or commitment.

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Historical and Projected Performance Disclosure
Past or targeted performance displayed on the Site is not a guarantee of future results. There is no assurance that any issuer will achieve similar outcomes or that targeted returns will be met. “Targeted IRR” and “Targeted Equity Multiple” refer to a property’s projected internal rate of return and equity multiple based on forecasted cash flows and investment amount, which differ from investor-specific projections.

Projected or hypothetical performance displayed does not represent actual investment outcomes and may not account for economic and market factors. Prospective investors should conduct their own due diligence and consult legal, business, and tax advisors.

The Site may include information from external sources, believed to be reliable but not guaranteed for accuracy by Green Street or its affiliates. Hypothetical performance does not reflect actual investment outcomes and is based on retroactive application of a model.

Offering Disclosure
Offerings on the Site are open to verified “accredited investors” under Rule 506(c) of the Securities Act of 1933, except where noted. Prior to investment, verification of “accredited investor” status is required. For Regulation A offerings, investment limits apply based on income or net worth.

Investment involves risks, and official offering documents should be reviewed for important information. Forward-looking statements on the Site should not be relied upon as guarantees of future performance. Properties identified for potential acquisition are subject to change, and there is no guarantee of participation by any of our Regulation A or Regulation D funds.

The information presented is a summary and should be verified against each issuer’s official offering documents. Securities sold by Green Street are not publicly traded and are illiquid unless registered with the SEC. Investment in private placements requires high risk tolerance, low liquidity needs, and long-term commitment.

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Reviews and Comments Disclosure
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